The Yacht Club Torre del Greco can count on the support of about 320 members. It has over 400 members to the FIV center and goodwill to sport (CAS) of CONI. And it’s sailing school FIV and Technical Center Federal zonal.

Many important National’s regattas made on Torre del Greco sea, as well as successes in the sports field, in particular in the derived classes.

The club is also proposed as a convenient landing place for those of us who love the sea and wish to have a comfortable alternative to the marinas of the Gulf of Naples.

The structure is equipped with all the main services of electricity, water, fuel, toilets and showers, on-site support and marine shops.

The Yacht Club Torre del Greco is characterized by its spirit -oriented society, about over 50 years. There are many philanthropic initiatives promoted by our members, and as many collaborations with state agencies , with schools and institutions. We arrage with their educational meetings helping to spread the culture of the sea and respect for our land and the sailing tradition, hoping to pass it to the new generations, with enthusiasm.

Due to its special geographical position, the Yacht Club Torre del Greco stands as excellence in coastal, pointing to a revaluation also tourists in the area, providing an alternative for the pleasure boater in fact the more famous goals Gulf : Sorrento, Capri, Naples and Amalfi.

The boat owner will find it all the amenities and services for the vessel, besides the fact of being geographically close to the most interesting tourist destinations of Campania region: like an archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the ancient baths, Vesuvius, the palace of Caserta. All easily accessible because Torre del Greco is the midpoint between the city of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.