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The minutes of the Company No. 1 begins with these words: “The year 1955 on June 6th, at the home of Mr. John Cimmino, meet John Cimmino, Basil Liverino, Thomas Borrelli, Gennaro Russo, Constantine Riviecco, Joseph Venditti, Anthony Accardo, Nicola Mustache .... "These gentlemen, and others person Francesco Coscia, Raffaele Capano, John Palomba and Gennario Serious, constitute a committee for the establishment of a free Boating Association will be called" Circolo Nautico Rari Nantes Turris”.

Without equipment and with inadequate head office, the young sports company could not help but survive, with many difficulties, but with much tenacity on the part of some of its promoters. First president of the Committee was John Cimmino, followed by Thomas Borelli and then by Francesco De Vivo, which will then be the actual President of the Yatch Club. On 1961, December 14th, a group of partners, encouraged and guided by 'ex-Mayor of the City Francesco Coscia, gives birth to a new Sodality Sports, Yatch Club Nautico Turris, to continue the promotion of sports in the sea, but with promises , on a practical level, quite different. He said it began the construction of a beautiful home that was constructed with many difficulties in a few years, it is still a good example of functionality and elegance.

The first attempts promotional, are on 1968, but only in 1970, the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) starts organically active that will bring the Society, to occupy a place of prestige in landscape sail from Naples, one of the most tradition-rich in the National Assembly. The General Assembly of Shareholders approving the new statute in 1971. It decides to adopt the final name of BOAT CLUB TOWER OF GREEK . Since 1973, the club began a strong social development and sports thanks to a group of members are particularly active and tight-knit, among which must be remembered Antonio Di Giacomo, Director and Secretary since 1973. 

Worthy to be remembered in sporting , the first of the Italian Junior Championship class 420 in 1976, which had a strong national resonance for the excellent organization. To the same class our club has organized the sixth class championship. Many important National regattasare make here. Numerous successes in the sports field, in particular in the derived classes.

Today, the Yacht Club Torre del Greco can count on the support of about 320 members. It has over 400 members to the FIV center and goodwill to sport (CAS) of CONI. 
And it’s sailing school FIV and Technical Center Federal area.